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SI 00604.089 Wages: Question 53

A. When to complete question 53

Complete 53(a) and (e) for all claimants. The "Go To" instructions in (a) will lead you to answer (b) through (i) as appropriate.

1. Obtain estimate for future wages

Obtain an estimate of the claimant's wages for the next 14 months unless one of the exceptions in SI 00810.600 applies. You may use the income projection program.

2. Record allegations to project wages

Record allegations of the rate of pay, amount worked per pay period, and other pertinent information in 53(g). We will use this information to project wages.

3. Entering the rate of pay

Enter money amount after the dollar sign. After "per," enter "day," "hour," "week," "piece," or other appropriate word to describe the rate of pay.

EXAMPLE: $ .10 per piece. $5.00 per hour


Amount Worked Per Pay Period--Enter the amount (pieces, days, hours, etc.).

EXAMPLE : 29 hours

  • How Often Paid--Enter "daily", "weekly", "monthly", etc. as appropriate.

  • Pay Day or Date Paid--Enter day of week ("Monday," "Tuesday," etc.) or date ("15th," "20th," etc.) of regular payday.

  • Date Last Paid--Enter month, day, and year.

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