SI KC00830.175 Assistance Based on Need (ABON) (RTS 24 -- 01/2007)

A. General

1. Missouri

The Supplemental Aid to the Blind Program (SAB) in Missouri is operated in conjunction with the Blind Pension Program. The policy for the Missouri Blind Pension Program is located in SI KC00815.050.

Through this program (SAB), the State provides blind persons who meet certain requirements with reasonable subsistence in accordance with the standards developed by the Division of Family Services (DFS). Eligible individuals receive a monthly cash grant and Medicaid. The SAB Program requires that the individual apply for Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

2. Kansas

The Grandparents as Caregivers (GP as CG) Program in Kansas provides monthly financial assistance to grandparents or other relatives raising children who meet certain requirements developed by the Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation (SRS).

B. Policy

Missouri SAB and Kansas GP as GC -

  • Use income as a factor of eligibilityand

  • Are funded wholly by the State.

Missouri SAB and Kansas GP as CG are excluded from income for SSI purposes as Assistance Based on Need (ABON) per SI 00830.175.

C. Procedure

Per SI 00830.175 C.1 accept the claimant's allegation as to the type and source of assistance and exclude it without further development.

NOTE: In Missouri, online SAB records are available on MOHS. The case identification number on the IPAR screen begins with “F.”

D. References

  • Missouri Blind Pension, SI KC00815.050

  • Assistance Based on Need, SI 00830.175

  • Missouri State Statute, Section 208.030

  • Kansas Economic and Employment Support Manual (KEESM), Section 2330-2342.2


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