SI KC00830.411 Grandparents as Foster Parents Payments (GAFP) - Missouri


The Missouri Division of Family Services (DFS) provides the Grandparents as Foster Parents (GAFP) program to meet the needs of foster children in foster care placements with their grandparents.

GAFP payments:

  • Are funded by TANF and state Maintenance of Effort (MOE) monies.

  • Consider the foster child to be in the foster child's own household.

  • Have a means test. GAFP is a needs based program.

  • Are not subject to a resource maximum.

  • Are not paid to children who receive SSI.

The Division of Family Services pays the following GAFP monthly rates:

  • 0-24 months - $277.00

  • 25 mos-5 years - $227.00

  • 6-13 years - $277.00

  • 13-19 years (or emancipation) - $307.00


GAFP payments meet the definition of income based on need (IBON) (SI 00830.170). GAFP payments are:

  1. 1. 

    Provided under a program which uses income as a factor of eligibility; and

  2. 2. 

    Funded partially by the Federal government for the purpose of meeting basic needs (i.e., the funds are provided specifically for a formalized program whose general purpose is similar to that of the SSI program).

GAFP payments are counted dollar for dollar for SSI income purposes. When adjudicating an application for a child receiving GAFP payments:

  • Contact DFS to advise them of the child's eligibility and the expected date of the first check; and

  • Request the date of the last GAFP payment.


Income Based on Need (IBON), SI 00830.170
Foster Care Payments, SI 00830.410

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