TN 39 (09-96)

SI 00835.470 ISM and Households - Conversions

A. Introduction

Conversion is the procedure by which food or shelter costs are adjusted to reflect the true monthly value to an eligible individual or his/her household.

B. When to use conversion

Conversion is used when it is necessary to:

  • distinguish household costs from non-household costs (i.e., business or agricultural costs);

  • determine the household's share of costs when more than one household use certain shelter items;

  • account for arrearages;

  • change other-than-monthly costs to monthly amounts.

(Sections SI 00835.471 - SI 00835.474 provide instructions for doing these four types of conversions.)

Conversion is not necessary when it would have no effect on the LA/ ISM determination. For example, if sharing is established using higher, unconverted amounts, conversion is not required.

C. References

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