TN 9 (07-00)

SI 00870.030 Modification Of A PASS

A. Policy -- modifying a PASS

SSA will offer the individual an opportunity to modify the plan before disapproving a PASS. For modifications to an existing PASS, see SI 00870.050.

B. Procedure -- modifying a PASS

Follow the procedures below when offering an individual the opportunity to modify a PASS.




Identify any unresolved issue in the proposed plan as submitted per SI 00870.025.


Advise the individual (or payee or representative) and agency, if one is involved and the individual has signed an SSA-3288, of the need to modify the plan. If appropriate, mail out the proposed revision for the individual's signature. Document the file and follow up in 15 days as needed.


If the individual makes the requested changes, go to SI 00870.025B., step 5.

If no response is received, make a follow up request. Follow up in 15 days.


If the individual or agency responds by asking for additional time, follow up accordingly.

If the individual neither modifies the plan nor requests additional time, go to SI 00870.025B., step 5. Be sure to document all contacts in file; retain as plan addenda.




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