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SI 01410.050 Public Contact About State and County of Residence

A. Procedure - indication of an expected move

Check regional instructions for interstate agreements and other information for additional guidance in changes of residence.

1. Financial Impact of Move

If an individual calls the FO or teleservice center (TSC) to ask what the financial impact of a move might be, try to get more details about the move under consideration. Never attempt to estimate what the exact payment will be after the move. (There are too many variables associated with a change to be sure what the payment will be after a move.)

2. Converted Individuals

Individuals converted from a predecessor program will have a conversion data ( CONV) entry on the SSIRD. If contacted by a converted individual about a potential move, inform the individual about potential MIL suspension (described in

SI 01410.001A.3.) when applicable.

3. Inform Caller About New State

Based on the State to which the caller intends to move, use

SI 01715.001 ff. to inform the caller that:

  • Medicaid programs vary from State-to-State in coverage;

  • whether the possible new State will require a separate Medicaid application; and

  • whether the possible new State uses more restrictive Medicaid eligibility criteria.

4. Definite, Future Move

If the individual calls to report a definite, future move on a specific date, do not develop the move. Instead:

  • ask the recipient for the expected new address;

  • give the recipient the address and telephone number of the new servicing office;

  • tell the recipient that they must contact the new servicing office within 10 days of arrival at the new address; and

  • send an administrative message to the new servicing FO about the individual who expects to move, the anticipated date of arrival and the anticipated new address.

5. Check for Evidence of Move

Always check evidence presented at a redetermination or at an application update for indicators of a change or move since the last determination or initial application contact.

NOTE: Individuals may not report a move but may present evidence (e.g., a wage stub with a different address than our records) which implies a move has occurred.

B. Procedure - entering the residence change on the record

Follow the instructions below when entering the residence change on the record.

1. Role of TSC and Old Servicing FO

Follow instructions in SI 02306.010E.

2. Role of New Servicing FO

Follow instructions in SI 02306.010D.

C. Reference

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