SI CHI01730.020 (MI) Michigan Medicaid Card Issues (RTN - 399 -- 02/2007)


A. General


In Michigan, the Department of Human Services (MDHS) handles Medicaid eligibility issues. However, the Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH) issues the Medicaid cards and handles all card problems.


B. Routine MA Card Issuance Procedures


A client who becomes entitled to SSI is mailed a plastic MiHealth card within a few days of their Medicaid eligibility being determined through the SDX process. This card will be used by the client for all current and future active Medicaid periods. A new card is not issued every time Medicaid eligibility is established for the client (i.e., if the client has a MiHealth card, a new one will not be issued).


C. Replacing a MiHealth Card


If the SSI client has not received the MiHealth card or if the card has been lost, stolen or damaged, a replacement card can be requested. The replacement card cannot be issued in the local MDHS office or at MDCH. The client must call the Beneficiary Helpline at 1-800-642-3195 to request a replacement card. If the client finds the original MiHealth card after the replacement is received, the original should be destroyed.



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