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SI 01801.030 Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Cash-Out States

A. Definition of a cash-out state

A Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) cash-out state is a state that increased the amount of the State supplementary payment (SSP) to include the value of the SNAP allotment. Because of this increase, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or SSP recipients residing in a cash-out state generally are ineligible to receive SNAP benefits.

NOTE: Currently, the only cash-out state is California.

On June 30, 2016, the United States District Court for the Northern District of California held in Riojas v. USDA that a recipient whose SSI benefits are suspended (or interrupted) is not actually receiving SSI benefits and, therefore, that recipient, if a resident of a cash-out state, is not ineligible for SNAP benefits based on supposed receipt of SSI benefits.

NOTE: The court based its decision on the fact of non-receipt of SSI benefits and does not depend on the reason for such non-receipt.

B. SNAP policy for California residents

Generally, SSI recipients living in California are not eligible for SNAP benefits (also referred to as CalFresh) because the SSP includes the value of the SNAP allotment.

REMINDER: SSI recipients living in California still have the right to apply for SNAP benefits. Refer the visitor or caller to the local SNAP office, if he or she wishes to file an application. The SNAP office makes the eligibility determination.

1. SSI applicant or recipient inquires about SNAP benefits

If an SSI applicant or recipient inquires about SNAP benefits, inform him or her that:

  • SSA does not take SNAP (or CalFresh) applications;

  • SNAP benefits may be payable while pending an SSI determination or if SSI payments are in suspense or have otherwise been interrupted (a payment status other than C01 or M02); and

  • SSI recipients who reside in California are generally not eligible to receive SNAP benefits because SNAP benefits are included in the SSP.

Refer the applicant or recipient to the local SNAP office (provide the address and telephone number) to file an application or to recertify for benefits.

2. Title II applicant or beneficiary inquires about SNAP benefits

Inform all Title II applicants or beneficiaries about the availability of SNAP benefits, and be sure to refer them to the local SNAP office if they wish to file an application.

REMINDER: Make informational materials about SNAP, SNAP applications, and the address and telephone number of the local SNAP office to customers at all times.

C. References

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