SI BOS02003.005 Rhode Island Interim Assistance Reimbursement Agreement

See SI 02003.000.

A. Introduction

Effective December 16, 1974, the Rhode Island Department of Social and Rehabilitative Services, now the Department of Human Services (RI DHS) entered into an Interim Assistance Reimbursement (IAR) Agreement with the Social Security Administration (SSA). This agreement was updated and renewed with DHS on September 9, 2002. The IAR agreement covers initial claims only.

B. Policy

1. Initial Claims Period Covered

The IAR Agreement with the RI DHS provides for reimbursement to RI DHS for General Assistance provided to the SSI recipient while the SSI initial application is pending. The interim period is described in SI 02003.001.

2. Protective Filing

The IAR authorization serves as a protective filing for an initial SSI claim. The date that RI DHS receives a signed IAR authorization establishes a 60-day protective filing period for SSI eligibility. If an individual does not file an SSI application within the 60-day protective filing period, the IAR authorization does not serve as protective filing for SSI purposes.

3. Life of the Authorization

The IAR authorization is binding on the State of Rhode Island and an individual for one calendar year beginning with the date SSA receives the signed authorization. If the State of Rhode Island does not notify SSA within thirty (30) calendar days of the date the individual signed the authorization, the authorization is no longer binding. In such a situation SSA will release a retroactive SSI payment to the individual, and the State of Rhode Island will be responsible for pursuing recovery of IAR from the individual without assistance from SSA. The FO must review the authorization form for timeliness when received and ensure that the form has the date and signature of both the State IAR representative and SSI applicant.

If an individual applies for SSI within the one calendar year period covered by the IAR authorization or has already applied for SSI before the State received an authorization, the period for the life of the authorization will be extended beyond the one year period, until such time as:

  • SSA makes the first payment of SSI retroactive benefits on the individual's claim; or

  • SSA makes a final determination on the claim and no timely request for review is filed; or

  • The State and the individual agree to terminate the authorization.

The RI DHS must obtain another initial claim authorization, if the authorization is no longer in effect and the State wants to be reimbursed for General Assistance payments made.

The IAR Agreement with the RI DHS does not provide for reimbursement to RI DHS in posteligibility situations.

C. Process

RI DHS uses one IAR authorization form, covering initial payment only. Subsection E below provides an example of this form. Each time an individual files for SSI another initial authorization is required.

The State of Rhode Island adopted an amended version of the national authorization model. It uses a question and answer format to lead the individual and the State through the IAR process. If a claimant is found eligible for SSI, and by mistake the first SSI retroactive payment is sent to the claimant instead of the State, the State of Rhode Island can demand that the claimant repay to the State the amount that would have been deducted if the retroactive check had been sent to the State. If the recipient does not repay the State, then the State of Rhode Island can seek to collect the amount due to the State through court action or other legal remedy.

D. Procedure

When SSA receives an IAR authorization, input the Grant Reimbursement (GR) code for the RI DHS of 41030 to the SSR.

Address written correspondence and A-OTP's to:

Department of Human Services

Claims, Collections and Recoveries Unit (CCRU)

One Capitol Hill 2nd Floor

Providence, RI 02908

When a manual SSA-8125 or SSA-L8125-F6 is needed, Fax the completed form to the State at 401-574-8236.

E. State Authorization Form And Apportionment Notice

Examples of the RI DHS Reimbursement Authorization Form and the Apportionment Notices sent by the State of Rhode Island are linked below.

Reimbursement Authorization Form:

Apportionment Notice:

OHHS-121 Appeals Instructions and Form:

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