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SI 02305.023 Diaries - RZs and LIs

A. Policy

1. General

When a case is selected for a RZ, all pending priority diaries (i.e., DI, D8, J3, J5, KB, KC, KE, KP, KV, KZ, K6, K7, K8, K9, I8, R8, SB, S2, S7, U5, 3D, 5B, and 5H ) shown in the DIAR segment of the SSR must be resolved when conducting RZ and LI interviews. Priority diaries must be resolved at the same time as the RZ/LI because they may represent a change in the recipient's circumstances that could affect continuing eligibility or payment amount. See SI 02305.017B for a description of each of the priority diaries.

2. Using RZwiz to conduct RZ and LI interviews

Use RZwiz with all Limited Issues (LIs). Also use RZwiz used with all RZs, LI and wage-related diary interviews. See SI 02305.071

B. Procedure

Resolve all priority diaries and clear them with the RZ. See SM 01301.210 and MSOM BUSSR 002.019 for a description of diary processing for non-MSSICS cases. See SM 01301.205 for diary clearance procedures in MSSICS.

See SI 02305.034 for development requirements for diaries posted to the SSR after the RZ has been initiated.

NOTE: Failure to clear a priority diary either before posting or when posting the RZ disposition code will result in a VP reject. The system will not accept the RZ disposition code if the priority diary has not been cleared. For non-MSSICS, clear the diary using the Diary Function in Direct SSR Update and do the SSA-1719B input for the RZ/LI clearance on the same day.

C. References

  • SI 02305.017 Release and Scheduling of RZ, LI, and Manual Deeming Case Workloads

  • SI 01140.206 Instructions for Electronic Financial Institution Verification in California, New Jersey and New York

  • SM 01301.200 Diary Process

  • SM 01301.205 Diary Process-Claim Active in MSSICS

  • SM 01301.210 Diary Process-Claim Not Active in MSSICS

  • SM 01301.215 List of Diaries and Alerts

  • SM 01501.005 VP reject and resolution

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