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SI 02309.011 Veterans Affairs (VA) Pension Referral Cases Limited Issue KV Diary

A. Introduction to the KV diary selection process

Effective October 1, 2015, we expanded our systems selection criteria by introducing the KV diary. The diary sets for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) recipients who may qualify for a Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) pension based on need, type “E” unearned income (see SI 00830.302).

We must conduct redetermination (RZ) or limited issue (LI) interviews with the recipients or representative payees, if applicable, to determine potential eligibility for the VA pension. This section provides instructions to handle RZ and LI interviews and documenting the new Potential VA Entitlement Development (DDKV) screen.

We add the KV diary to Supplemental Security Records (SSR) in current pay status (C01), force pay, or 1619(b) status as described in SI 02305.017C.

NOTE: Once the system establishes the diary on a record, it will not create a new KV diary.

The KV diary listing is available on:

  • StaRZ & Stripes The Next Generation (SSTNG);

  • Management Information (MI) Central Workload Listings; and

  • CHINET’s SSI Diary Workload Control Application.

B. Purpose of the KV diary

1. Explore potential entitlement

The Social Security Act requires that SSI claimants and recipients who are potentially eligible for VA benefits apply for those benefits. We must explore other benefit programs and any allegations or statements made by claimants, recipients, or their representative (including payees) during claim interviews, or RZ or LI interviews that indicate potential entitlement to VA benefits or any other benefit.

For more information about exploring potential entitlement to other benefits, see SI 02305.037.

For more information about the requirement to file for other program benefits, see SI 00510.000.

For more information on VA payments, see SI 00830.300 and SI 00830.302.

REMINDER: The Department of Veterans Affairs, not Social Security, makes VA eligibility determinations.

2. Ensure payment accuracy

We must review claims files to identify eligibility factors and resolve all payment discrepancies, if any. The KV diary indicates that we must initiate a scheduled RZ or an LI interview.

For general information on RZs, see SI 02305.001.

For information on LIs, see SI 02305.015.

C. How to conduct the KV diary interview

  1. 1. 

    Before the interview begins, review all available records to verify applicable military service, including the Disability, Railroad, Alien, and Military Service (DRAMS) file and the Veterans Administration Benefits Query (VBAQ). If necessary, obtain evidence from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), see RS 01701.036.

    For more information on the DRAMS file, see MS QUERIES 005.003.

    For more information on the VBAQ, see MS QUERIES 003.020.

  2. 2. 

    Identify the recipient and representative payee, if applicable.

    For more information on establishing identity, see GN 00203.020.

  3. 3. 

    In the Modernized Supplemental Security Income System (MSSICS), open an RZ or LI event to create the DDKV screen.

    See MS MSSICS 022.011 and MS MSSICS 022.012.

  4. 4. 

    Access the Military Service List (BMIL) screen, see MS INTRANETSSI 019.003.

    Use this screen to:

    • Collect and document information about the recipient’s military service (for example, branch of service, character of discharge(s), reason(s) for previous VA pension denial(s), if any, service number(s)).

    • Generate Form SSA-L8050-U3 (SSI Claim Information Notice) based on the claimant or recipient’s answers to questions on the Potential Eligibility for Other Benefit Leads (OBL) Selection and BMIL screens.

      For more information on Form SSA-L8050-U3, see SI 00510.030 and MS MSSICS 024.002M.

      For more information on the OBL and BMIL screens, see MS INTRANETSSI 019.002 through MS INTRANETSSI 019.004.

    • Document how you issued the referral (for example, during a face-to-face interview or via mail). For more information, see SI 00510.025C.2.

    • Establish the appropriate diary type (“FE” for VA pension) and diary date on the SSR. For more information on the diary process, see SM 01301.200 through SM 01301.215.

    NOTE: To monitor compliance and document the determination, follow the procedures in SI 00510.025C and SI 00510.025D.

D. How to clear the KV diary

  1. 1. 

    To clear the diary, you must receive a completed form SSA-L8050-U3 from the VA with its formal determination on the recipient’s application. Complete the DDKV screen and document all applicable information. To build the SSR, complete the RZ path and close the event.

    For more information on limited issues and processing instructions, see SI 02305.015.

    For non-MSSICS cases, delete the diary via the Update Diaries (UDIA) screen (see MS BUSSR 002.019).

    To clear the RZ or LI, complete an SSA-1719-B input.

    Document the interview using Form SSA-5002 (Report of Contact). Fax the SSA-5002 and other required development and documentation into Non-Disability Repository for evidentiary documents (NDRed) using the Evidence Portal (EP). For information on EP, see MS09701.001.

    This information may include:

    • Initial SSA-L8050-U3;

    • Follow up copy of SSA-L8050-U3, if applicable;

    • Proof of VA claim filing and;

    • Copy of VA claim determination; or

    • FO determination for failure to file for and or pursue other program benefits. See SI 00510.020 and SI 00510.025.

  2. 2. 

    If the recipient does not comply with the requirement to file for other benefits, suspend SSI payments using payment status code N06. Do not delete the KV diary if you suspend SSI payments.

    For a description of payment status code N06, see SI 02301.215B.

E. References

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