TN 64 (11-22)

HI 00805.135 Extending the Enrollment Period


When the last day of an IEP, SEP or a GEP falls on a:

  • Saturday, Sunday,

  • legal holiday, or

  • any other day all or part of which is declared to be a non-workday for Federal employees by statute or Executive Order,

an eligible individual may enroll in the first regular workday after the end of the enrollment period.

This non-workday rule does not apply to months before the end of the IEP. If the third, fourth, or fifth month of an individual's IEP ends on a non-workday and the individual enrolls on the next regular workday, the individual is considered to have enrolled in the fourth, fifth, or sixth month, as applicable, of the IEP.

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HI 00805.135 - Extending the Enrollment Period - 11/28/2022
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