HI 01001.175 Subsequent Activity

Individuals who subsequently become entitled to a civil service annuity after having been set up in billing status by SSA, will have premium liability transferred from SSA to the Civil Service Commission. The effective date of the 700 billing code (TEDS) depends on the month through which premiums have been paid to SSA. If premiums were paid for months beyond the current month, the TEDS must be recorded as 1 month beyond the current operating month (COM +1) and we are responsible for refunding any premiums paid to us for months after the current month. Otherwise, the effective date of the accretion will be the month after the month through which premiums have been paid.

Premium refunds are generally made by SSA. However, the Civil Service Commission will make premium refunds based on an initial posting of a TTDS through MISCOR or MADCAP. The Civil Service Commission never initiates an accretion or deletion; this activity occurs as a result of either MBR data which is internally processed or information received in CMS from the district office or program service center.

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HI 01001.175 - Subsequent Activity - 03/25/2010
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