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HI 03020.005 What is Not Income

A. Distinguishing between what is not income and what is excluded income

Some things an individual receives are not considered income because they do not meet the definition of income in HI 03020.001. Other things are income but they are excluded by statute.

B. Policy for what is not income

An item received is not income if it is neither food nor shelter, nor can be used to obtain food or shelter.

For purposes of determining eligibility for Extra Help, the rules for what is considered not to be income are similar to those used in the SSI program. To determine if an item is not income, follow the instructions in SI 00815.001 through SI 00815.600.

In addition, the Extra Help itself is not counted as part of the individual’s income for purposes of determining eligibility for Extra Help or for SSI.

NOTE: Under Public Law 110-275 (The Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act (MIPPA) of 2008), in-kind support and maintenance (ISM) is not counted as income for Medicare Part D Extra Help applications. The changes in counting ISM as income because of MIPPA are effective for: applications effectively filed on or after January 1, 2010; and initial determinations that do not become effective before January 1, 2010. An example of an initial determination that becomes effective on or after January 1, 2010 is a periodic or cyclical redetermination initiated in August 2009.

C. References

SI 00815.001 - What is Not Income

SI 00815.050 - Medical and Social Services

SI 00815.200 - Conversion or Sale of a Resource

SI 00815.270 - Income Tax Refunds

SI 00815.350 - Proceeds of a Loan

SI 00815.400 - Bills Paid by a Third Party

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