TN 4 (05-95)

NL 00603.115 Use of Pamphlets with Disability Notices

A. Introduction

Pamphlets advise applicants, claimants, beneficiaries and recipients of their rights and responsibilities under the title II and title XVI programs. SSA provides maximum information efficiently by using pamphlets with notices.

B. Policy

All title II and some title XVI form notices have the necessary pamphlet enclosure preprinted on them when a pamphlet is required. English and Spanish language pamphlets are enclosed when Spanish notices are sent.

C. List of pamphlets

  Situation Pamphlet Publication and Inventory Control Numbers
1. Title II Initial/Reconsideration Allowances “When You Get Social Security Disability Benefits...What You Need to Know” SSA 05-10153 (Inventory Control Number (ICN) 480165) Spanish Version SSA 05-10903 (ICN 482028)
2. Title II Initial Denials for Insufficient Quarters of Coverage “How You Earn Social
Security Credits”
SSA 05-10072 (ICN 467510) Spanish Version
SSA 05-10972 (ICN 487045)
3. Title II or Title XVI Reconsideration Affirmation of Denial, Partially Unfavorable Reconsideration Determination (e.g., Later Onset Date (or Adverse Reopening)) “Your Right to an Administrative Law Judge Hearing and Appeals Council Review of Your Social
Security Claim”
English Version SSA 70-10281 (ICN 469055) Spanish Version
SSA 70-10283 (ICN 481755)

NOTE: Current versions available on SSA internet website.

4. Title XVI Initial/Reconsideration
“When You Get SSI...What You Need to Know” SSA 05-11011 (ICN 480265)
5. Title II and Title XVI Prereview Notice of CDR — Medical Issue “How We Decide if You Are Still Disabled” SSA 05-10053 (ICN 462555)
6. Title II Notice of CDR — Work Issue (Mailed With SSA-3945-BK (Report of Work Activity)) “Working While Disabled...How Social Security Can Help” SSA 05-10095 (ICN 468625)

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