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NL 00610.080 Spanish Notices

The Office of Communications (OCOMM) coordinates the non-English communications activities within the agency. OCOMM is responsible for translating English notices into Spanish.

Use the information in this section in conjunction with the rest of the Notice Standards and Clear Writing Guidelines found in NL 00610.010 through NL 00610.070 when creating or revising notices in Spanish.

A. Spanish notice guidelines—general

Use the following general guidelines for Spanish notices:

  • Translate concepts, not words. The Spanish translation must have the same meaning as the English.

  • When preparing Spanish language notices or translations, consult the English-Spanish Wordbank of Social Security Terminology to ensure that you use terms approved by the agency.

B. Using Spanish salutations

A salutation is the opening greeting used to address the notice recipient. Use the masculine “Estimado” (for a man) or the feminine “Estimada” (for a woman).

EXAMPLE: Estimado Sr. Perez

Using salutations in most notices is optional. Most systems-generated notices do not use salutations. A salutation is mandatory for notices prepared in the Document Processing System (DPS).

C. Using Spanish titles

A title is a word added to and preceding an individual’s name as a courtesy or to indicate the individual’s rank or profession.

EXAMPLE: Sr., Sra., or Srta.

If the notice is directed to a representative payee, include a possessive pronoun “de [claimant name]”

EXAMPLE: los pagos de Maria...

Using titles in notices is optional. Most systems-generated notices do not use titles. Do not use English titles in Spanish notices.
NOTE: Titles are not shown in the mailing address field of notices.

D. Spanish notice reading-level guidelines

Know your audience. Write to your average reader. Do not write to the experts, lawyers, or advocates, unless they are your intended audience.

When writing Spanish notices, consider the following:

  • Write at the sixth to eighth-grade reading level.

  • Aim for an average sentence length of no more than 20–25 words.

  • Aim for no more than nine lines per paragraph.

E. Spanish headings

The following information shows the Spanish translation of notice headings.

1. First-line heading  

Use “Administración del Seguro Social” (Social Security Administration) as the first-line heading.

2. Second-line heading 

The second-line heading is usually the program title. When the notice content crosses program lines, omit the program title and use the heading “Información importante” (Important Information) in place of the program title. Use the second-line headings shown below.



Retirement, Survivors, and Disability Insurance

Seguro de Jubilación, Sobrevivientes e Incapacidad

Supplemental Security Income

Seguridad de Ingreso Suplementario

Extra Help With Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Costs

Beneficio Adicional con los gastos de los planes de medicamentos recetados de Medicare

Special Veterans Benefits

Beneficios especiales para Veteranos

3. Third-line heading

The third-line heading is the subject of the notice. It draws attention to the main topic of the notice and lets the reader know immediately why he or she received the notice. Use the third-line headings shown below.



Notice of Award

Aviso de aprobación

Notice of Disapproved Claim

Aviso de reclamación denegada

Claim Information

Información sobre la reclamación

Notice of Reconsideration

Aviso de reconsideración

Notice of Disability Cessation

Aviso de suspensión de incapacidad

Important Information

Información importante

Notice of Change in Benefits

Aviso de cambio en beneficios

Notice of Change in Payment

Aviso de cambio en pagos

Notice of Planned Action

Aviso de acción planeada

Notice of Overpayment

Aviso de sobrepago

Overpayment Information

Información de Sobrepago

Notice of Continuing Disability Review

Aviso de revisión de la continuación de incapacidad

Notice of Denial of Reinstatement Request

Aviso de denegación del pedido reinstalación

Notice of Award of Reinstated Benefits

Aviso de aprobación de beneficios reinstalados

F. Using signatures and signature titles

Place the name and title of an appropriate SSA official at the end of the notice text, before any enclosure information. For Spanish notices, translate only titles, not names. For further information, refer to NL 00601.003 Name, Title, and Signature on Notices.

Title in English

Title in Spanish (Masculine)

Title in Spanish (Feminine)




Regional Commissioner

Comisionado Regional

Comisionada Regional

Assistant Regional Commissioner, Processing Center Operations

Comisionado Regional Asistente, Operaciones del Centro de Procesamiento

Comisionada Regional Asistente, Operaciones del Centro de Procesamiento

Director Office of Central Operations

Director de la Oficina Central de Operaciones

Directora de la Oficina Central de Operaciones

Field Office Manager

Gerente de Distrito

Gerente de Distrito

Associate Commissioner for Disability

Comisionado Adjunto del Programa de Incapacidad

Comisionada Adjunta del Programa de Incapacidad

Director, Office of Ticket Operation and Provider Support

Director, Oficina de Operaciones del Boleto y Proveedor de Apoyo

Directora, Oficina de Operaciones del Boleto y Proveedor de Apoyo

G. Spanish cover letter guidelines

Cover letters should be either automated or preprinted. Ensure that cover letters adhere to the same standards as notices. Place the cover letter on top of the notice so that it is the first thing the reader sees when opening the notice. For further instructions on using Spanish cover letters, see NL 00601.600.

NOTE: Automated Supplemental Security Income (SSI) notices do not use Spanish cover letters.

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