TN 19 (09-22)

NL 00701.425 Form SSA-L1013 — DIB Continuance — Title II

For the latest version of the Form SSA-L1013, see DI 13095.155.

Preparation of form

Refer to the Form SSA-833 (Cessation or Continuance of Disability or Blindness Determination and Transmittal - Title II) for completing the name, address and case or BNC (Beneficiary Notice Control) number. This notice will be designated in the LTR/PAR NO. block of the Form SSA-833. The notice will be shown followed by the block number(s) to be checked; the appropriate fill-in for the block, enclosed in parentheses. (for example, L1013-1 (8 /82), 2(6)). Any additional paragraphs, if applicable, will also be shown.

NOTE:When completing the Form SSA-L1013, the disability determination office (DDS) will use the case number and the field office (FO) will use the BNC.

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