NL 00705.330 Letter No. 7—Freeze Continuance—DIB Denial (Statutory Blindness)—Claimant Under Age 55

Prepare on SSA-L951-C2/U2

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Social Security Notice




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This refers to your application for disability insurance benefits and to the disability freeze previously established for you.

Your freeze period will be continued until you reach full retirement age or you no longer meet the definition of blindness contained in the law. The fact that you may have little or no earnings during that time will not be counted against you in determining whether you are insured for payment of benefits (for example, retirement insurance benefits), or in figuring the amount, if at some time in the future you become eligible for the payment of benefits. This protection also applies to any dependents' or survivors' claims which may be filed on your Social Security record.

The Social Security Act provides for the payment of disability insurance benefits to individuals not yet 65 if they have a physical or mental condition which prevents them from doing any substantial gainful work. A person who has had a Social Security record frozen because of blindness can become entitled to disability insurance benefits only if the evidence shows inability to do substantial gainful activity; therefore, although your future benefit rights will be protected as described above, disability insurance benefits cannot be paid to you.

(1) Attached to this notice is an explanation of the decision we made on your claim and how we arrived at it.

(2) Insert personalized explanation.

If you become unable to do substantial gainful work, you should contact any Social Security office about filing another disability application.

If you believe that this determination is not correct, you may request that your case be reexamined. If you want this reconsideration, you must request it not later than 60 days from the date you receive this notice. You may make this request through any Social Security office. If additional evidence is available, you should submit it with your request.

If you have any questions about your claim you should get in touch with any Social Security office. If you call in person, please take this notice with you.


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