TN 2 (05-11)

NL 00719.040 Alerted MADCAP Notices

After the credit/debit action has been completed and all the data has been recorded on the MBR, the beneficiary notice program will then validate the notice data input and generate the appropriate notice. If the program is unable to generate a notice because of invalid information on the ENB or NOT screen, a program problem, or for any other reason, the notice will be “alerted”. The beneficiary notice program will generate all data. When a notice “alerts”, the notice program annotates an S in the lower left-hand corner of the notice. A notice that alerts will not stop at the point of the alerted UTI. Instead, the system will continue building the notice through the end of the notice, and all requested or systems generated UTI’s that are necessary will be included in the notice. Since a notice can be system’s bad because of multiple UTI’s and fill-ins, each fill-in that could not be determined will be filled with “**********” in the notice. The technician will only need to complete the alerted UTI’s in Aurora. If a technician requests a paragraph that is outside of the group for the notice being built (NL 00720.004 and NL 00720.010), the notice will alert because of a group mismatch error. The MADCAP output will display a completion code of “S” for all alerted notice.

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