Basic (07-03)

NL 00740.003 No Installment Agreement

When a debtor is in RECOOP billing status, bills and notices are automatically sent out. The type of bill or notice sent will depend on how the debtor is paying on the balance due.

When there is no installment agreement on record, the following bills or notices are sent out:

  • Did You Forget? - this is the first reminder bill sent when the debtor fails to make a payment;

  • Past Due Payment - this is the second reminder bill sent when a debtor fails to make a payment;

  • Call In Letter - this is sent when a debtor has failed to respond to either reminder bill; and

  • Final Statement - this is sent when the final payment has been received and RECOOP shows a current balance of zero for all debts in the billing group.

The bill or notice will be in English unless the language code in RECOOP indicates that Spanish is the preferred language.

Any adjustments in the balance since the last bill will be reflected on the new bill.

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