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NL 00740.066 Installment - Final Statement


The "Final Statement" notice generates when the final payment is received and the current balance of all debts in the billing group have been reduced to zero.


Social Security Administration

Billing Statement

Important Information


Susan A Patrick

for Children

1234 5th Avenue

Huntington NY 10101

(Bar Code goes here)


STATEMENT DATE:        08/06/02


ACCOUNT NUMBER:      12345678901


AMOUNT DUE:                $00.00


BALANCE FROM PREVIOUS STATEMENT                                $30.00


PAYMENT RECEIVED - 07/12/02 - THANK YOU                         $30.00


NEW BALANCE                                                                              $0.00


This statement concerns an overpayment of Social Security benefits paid in error to SUSAN PATRICK, C1; JOE A PATRICK, C2; JOHN A PATRICK, C3; and FRED PATRICK, C4.


This bill is paid in full. Thank You.


If you have any questions, you may call us at 1-718-557-6600 TOLL FREE. The office hours are Monday through Friday, 7:15 A.M. through 6:00 P.M. EST. Please have this statement available when you call.


If you call us using a TDD machine, please pause after you type a few words. This will give us time to transfer your call to the TDD line.

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