TN 3 (02-97)

NL 00802.001 Supplemental Security Income Initial Claims Notices


Social Security Act as Amended, Section 1631;
20 CFR 416.1403, 416.1404, 416.1422


For each notice we send in the supplemental security income (SSI) initial claims process, this chapter:

  1. a. 

    Tells when we must send the notice; and

  2. b. 

    Lists special situations that require a particular manual notice (See NL 00801.010B. for a complete list of when manual notices are required.).

In addition, for the SSA-L8025 and SSA-L8030, this chapter:

  • Describes the content of the notice; and

  • Provides a chart of acceptable captions and paragraphs for the body of the notice where standard notice language exists.

See NL 00804.700 for examples of complete notices.


  • The charts in NL 00802.015 and NL 00802.025 list the acceptable captions and paragraphs for the manual SSA-L8025-U2, SSI Notice of Award, and the manual SSA-L8030-U2, SSI Notice of Disapproved Claim.

  • Captions are in the order they must appear in the notice. Next to each caption, an instruction indicates if it is a mandatory caption or if it only should be used in certain situations.

  • Under each caption, three column headings in bold print appear in the following order:

    NL Reference, Paragraph and Use

  • Under the heading NL Reference, is the location in NL 00804.100 ff. of each paragraph or group of paragraphs covering the same general topic. An NL reference change is a breakpoint indicating a topic change.

  • Under the heading Paragraph, is a list of the paragraph numbers acceptable under the caption. We listed paragraphs covering the same general topic (e.g.; Medicaid, income) together. Paragraphs covering the same general topic will be in the same section of NL 00804.100 ff.

  • Under the heading Use, is a brief description of the paragraphs listed in the Paragraphcolumn.

  • Some paragraphs are variations of one another. These paragraph numbers appear together under the Paragraph heading and may share one description under the Use column. The description of these paragraphs in the Use column instructs you to choose the paragraph(s) most appropriate to the claimant's situation.


Prior to preparing a manual notice, list each caption as well as the paragraph numbers you plan to use along with their NL 00804.100 ff. references. Summarizing information like this will help you complete the body of the notice. (See NL 00801.010B.4. for instructions on completing a manual notice.)

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