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NL 00804.270 Resource Worksheet for SSI Notices

A. Background

Certain SSI notices dated July 25, 2005 and later, include resource computation worksheets. The worksheets will be attached to notices when a month or more of ineligibility due to excess resources (pay status of N04) occurs. They provide a detailed list showing what resources resulted in the determination of ineligibility.

This change was made in order to comply with the Ford et al. v. Apfel court case, which is a nationwide class action lawsuit.

B. List of Notices With Resource Worksheets

The affected notices are:

  • Notice of Award, SSA-L8025;

  • Notice of Disapproved Claim, SSA-L8030;

  • Notice of Change in Payment, SSA-L8151 and SSA-L8100;

  • Notice of Planned Action, SSA-L8155;

  • Important Information, SSA-L8165 and SSA-L8166.

Resource worksheets appear after the income computation worksheet in the notice.

C. Types of Resources That Can Appear On Resource Worksheets

1. Types of Resources

The following types of resources may appear separately or in combination on a worksheet:

a. Vehicles

  • automobile

  • truck

  • camper

  • boat

  • motorcycle

b. Financial Accounts

  • checking account

  • savings account

  • credit union account

  • Christmas club account

  • time deposit

  • individual Indian money accounts

c. Investments

  • US Savings Bonds

  • stocks

  • mutual funds

  • trust

  • retirement or pension fund

d. Loans

  • promissory note or loan

  • written informal loan

  • oral informal loan

e. Real Estate

  • property agreement

  • real estate or business property

  • life estate

  • trust

  • retirement or pension fund

f. Burial Arrangements

  • burial trust

  • burial marker or burial headstone

  • burial related items

  • cemetery lot or burial crypt

  • casket or urn

  • burial contract

g. Miscellaneous

  • mineral rights

  • life insurance policy

  • life insurance dividend accumulations

  • household goods and personal effects

  • contents of safe deposit box

  • unprobated estate

2. Other Information on the Resource Worksheet

The worksheet also contains the following information:

  • who owns the resources

  • resources not counted by SSI

  • amount before and after dividing among eligible children

  • resources that we count

  • SSI resource limit for an individual or couple

  • amount over the resource limit

  • important reminders

  • how we figured the beneficiary’s ineligibility

D. References

NL 00801.005, Systems Generated Notices

NL 00804.115, Titles, Lead-ins, and Payment Summary

SI 01110.000 ff., Resources, General

E. Example of Resource Worksheet


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1. How We Figured Gary Kirk’s Ineligibility for October 2004

Gary Kirk was not eligible for SSI for October 2004 because his resources were worth more than the $2,000.00 resource limit. On the first day of October 2004 he and his parents owned the following items which count toward the resource limit.


2. Parents’ Resources That We Count

1988 GMC Automobile

$ 500.00

Wachovia Checking Account


Parents’ Resources




Parents’ Resources Not Counted by SSI


Parents’ Resources That We Count



3. GARY KIRK’S Resources That We Count

Parents’ Resources that We Count


PNC Savings Account

$ 55.00

GARY KIRK’S Resources That We Count




SSI Resources Limit for an Individual


Amount Over Resource Limit

$ 814.56

4. Important Reminders

We counted only the resources listed above. We generally do not count the value of a home, one vehicle, and a burial fund of up to $1, 500.00. Contact your local Social Security office if you have questioned about how we determined the value of GARY KIRK’s resources or wish to report that the value has changed.


If GARY KIRK’s resources shown above are reduced below $2,000.00, he may become eligible for SSI benefits. If he gives away or sells resources for less than they are worth, he could be ineligible for SSI for up to 36 months. Contact your local Social Security Office for information about how disposing of resources affects eligibility for SSI.







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