TN 1 (11-00)

VB 00201.072 Withdrawal vs. Disallowance

A. Policy

A disallowance preserves the applicant's appeal rights whereas approval of a withdrawal request is not an appealable determination. Therefore, a disallowance is the preferred process to dispose of the SVB application.

B. Procedure

Advise a claimant who has decided not to submit the necessary evidence to establish entitlement (e.g., failure to pursue, failure to establish foreign residency, etc.) not to withdraw his/her SVB claim. Instead, the claim should be disallowed for failure to establish a factor of entitlement.

If the claimant insists on withdrawing the SVB claim, even though a disallowance would serve the same purpose, obtain a signed statement in accordance with VB 00201.070A.2.d.

NOTE: SVB disallowances are currently precluded from systems processing and must be documented by entries in the individual case REMARKS on the San Francisco SVB Intranet site.

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