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VB 00901.005 Adjudicative Procedures—General

A. Procedure -- How to Develop

Gather all the necessary information to adjudicate the claim.

  • Use the telephone when possible to speed development

  • Complete the initial application and any related forms and obtain any signatures at the time of application.

  • Assess the need for a representative payee or new representative payee if the situation warrants.

B. Procedure -- How to Verify

Verify allegations as follows:

  • Ask the claimant or his representative payee to provide readily available evidence.

  • Contact third parties, including outside sources , directly when it would speed development, when the claimant is unable to provide the information/evidence. See VB 00210.001 for contact with third parties outside the U.S.

C. Procedure -- How to Document

Support the adjudicative determination by recording or including the information in the case file as follows:

  • Record the claimant and third party allegations on a form containing the penalties for fraudulent statements unless POMS instructions specify otherwise.

  • Record on a Report of contact (RC) information which does not require the claimant's or third party's signature.

  • Use an informal determination as required by GN 01010.365.

  • Add any documents received from other sources which contain information/evidence used to adjudicate the claim or decide an action.

D. Procedure -- How to Handle Alpha Claims

A person without an SSN may file a claim for title VIII benefits alleging WW II military service. A title VIII claim filed without an SSN must be adjudicated to award or denial. When the decision is to award benefits, an SSN must be assigned to the claimant before the claim is adjudicated. The adjudication process is the same as the process used for a claim with an SSN.

Retain the file in the field office or processing site (filed alphabetically). See VB 00201.055.

E. References

Adjudicative Policy and Standards, GN 01010.001 ff.

Application Process, VB 00201.055

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