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VB 05001.001 Introduction to Title VIII Notices


On December 14, 1999, PL 106-169, the "Foster Care Independence Act of 1999," was enacted into law. One of its provisions creates a new benefit program, Special Benefits for Certain WW II Veterans, in a new title VIII of the Social Security Act. Under this program, certain WW II veterans who are eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits may be entitled to receive a special benefit for each month they subsequently reside outside the United States.

SVB is payable only to, or on behalf of, the veteran. There is no provision for the payment of benefits to dependents or survivors. Therefore, notices required for the title VIII program involve only the claimant, a proper applicant (see VB 00201.015), his/her legal representative or guardian, or representative payee.


Title VIII notices must be manually requested and dictated. They are available on the Field Office Notice Software (FONS).

Letters for the title VIII program have been patterned (to some degree) after notices used in other Social Security programs. However, title VIII notices have been written to address situations and requirements which are specific to the Special Veterans Benefits program. Neither title II nor title XVI notices are appropriate for use in processing title VIII cases.

Notices have been individually constructed to address specific situations and audiences. The notice descriptions in VB 00501.010 explain the notice requirements and the circumstances under which the notices will be sent.

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