TN 134 (08-23)

GN 00204.022 Explore Entitlement on Another Earnings Record or to Another Class of Benefits

A. Procedure

1. When to explore

Always explore potential entitlement to types of benefits other than the one specifically covered by the title of the application filed (e.g., RIB claimant indicates a marriage which ended by death, WIB may be pursued) unless one of the exceptions as listed in GN 00204.022A.2. is met.

In addition, determine if the same class benefits or another class of benefits may be available on other ER's.


When a widow(er) is insured for RIB but is not yet age 62 and children will be entitled past the point of the widow(er)'s attainment of age 62, advise the claimant that filing for RIB at age 62 may result in higher benefits for the children due to combining the family maximums.

2. Exceptions

Do not explore potential entitlement if:

  • Documentation shows that the claimant cannot provide (or give enough information to locate) an SSN for the other benefit;

  • The benefit in question is HB, HB1, HB6 or HBR and there is no allegation on an SSA-1 that the NH's spouse is disabled; or

  • The SSA-8-F4 was filed after February 1978. Entitlement is limited to benefits on the deceased NH's E/R.

NOTE: If the SSA-8 serves as an oral inquiry for SSI per SI 00601.027, follow the policy and procedures in GN 00201.005E and GN 00201.005F for exploring, documenting, and closing out the oral inquiry.

3. Documentation - entitlement does not exist

Document the file to show that entitlement does not exist by:

  • Obtaining a certified E/R and following the instructions per GN 01010.009;

  • Explaining the reason(s) on a development worksheet screen or Report of Contact; or

  • Requesting a Master Beneficiary Record (MBR) that documents nonentitlement; or

  • Obtaining the claimant's signed statement to exclude a specific benefit from the scope of application per GN 00204.020.

B. References

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