TN 26 (11-99)

GN 00307.015 Office of International Operations (OIO) Translation Requests


1. General

Prepare a separate Form SSA-533-FC (Translation Request) for each document to be translated. See GN 00301.355 and GN 00301.365 for information on the SSA-533.

Show the total number of documents at the top of each SSA-533-FC if more than one document is being translated on a claim or letter. Use carbons for additional copies of the SSA-533-FC if they are legible.

2. Philippine documents

Do not return Spanish-language documents to the Foreign Service Post in Manila, Philippines (FSP) for translation. Return documents in a Philippine dialect which are not translated to the FSP for translation.

Refer Philippine documents received from other sources to the FSP for translation if they are in one of the following dialects:

  • Tagalog;

  • Ilocano;

  • Pampango;

  • Major Visayan dialects (e.g., Cebuano, Ilongo, Waray).

NOTE: The FSP cannot translate Moslem dialects such as Tausog, Maranao and Magundanao.

3. CTS referrals to contract or FSP translators

Notify the requesting office of the delay and the approximate time it will take to get the translation.

Clear the controls and forward the material to the requesting office when the translation is received.

4. References

GN 00301.355 Translation and Priority Workload Unit (TPWU)

GN 00301.365 Transmittal of Foreign-Language Documents for Translation

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