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GN 00312.316 Peru – Vital Statistics Records

A. Procedure – Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates

If the claimant was born in Lima, the request must show:

  • The district of birth;

  • Whether the claimant was born in a hospital, maternity center or home; and

  • If the birth was registered through a Judicial Order.

1. Office to Contact

Provincial council (Concejo Provincial) of the district council (Concejo Distrital) where the event occurred.

2. Fee

35 Soles.
Fees may vary. For example Miraflores City Hall charges 18 soles if the certificate is for use in Peru, 35 soles if outside Peru. Lima Provincial Municipality charges the same for certificates for use in Peru but 30 soles for those used outside Peru.

B. Procedure – Divorce Records

1. Office to Contact

Clerk of the lower court which granted the divorce.

Divorces are also shown in the left margin on marriage records.

2. Fee

35 soles if for use in Peru.

50 soles if for use outside Peru.

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