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GN 00312.318 Philippines – Vital Statistics Records

A. Introduction

The Foreign Service Post (FSP) in Manila will obtain vital statistics documents for Social Security claimants regardless of whether the claimant is a veteran. It is difficult to secure records directly from the local registrars.

B. Procedure – Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates

A request for a birth certificate must contain the following information:

  • Full name at birth and all other names used;

  • Full names of both parents;

  • Date and place of birth;

  • Date of baptism;

  • Name (not just denomination) and location of the church in which the claimant was baptized; and

  • Claimant's baptismal name, if different from the name used at the time of filing.

Since the FSP will search both the civil and religious records, the claimant's written authorization (see GN 00307.759) for release of the information from the public records MUST be attached to request. Diary the request for 90 days for follow-up action.

1. Office to Contact

An FO can request a record by preparing a Form SSA-562-U3 or other request and sending it directly to:

Social Security Administration
American Embassy
1201 Roxas Boulevard
Ermita 0930

2. Fee

No fee.

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