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GN 00312.342 Samoa – Vital Statistics Records

A. Procedure – Birth and Death Certificates

Birth and death records are maintained by village name.

Birth certificates for adopted children are filed under the child's new name. They can be identified by a “COA” or an “A” entry number on the birth certificate.

Show the following information on all requests for birth and death certificates:

  • Name of the individual and any other names used. (It is not unusual for Samoans to have several names in their lifetimes.);

  • Full names of both parents;

  • Date of the event; and

  • Village in which the event occurred (This is separate from the district in which the event occurred. A district can include several villages.)

1. Office to Contact

Office of Births, Deaths and Marriages
P.O. Box 49
Apia, Samoa

2. Fee

  1. a. 

    Birth Certificates: $2.00 U.S.

  2. b. 

    Death Certificates: Unknown.

B. Procedure – Marriage and Divorce Records

Marriage and divorce records are maintained alphabetically under the groom's/husband's name.

Show the following information on requests for marriage and divorce records:

  • Full names of both parties (and other names they have used); and

  • Date when, and the village where, the event occurred. 

1. Office to Contact

Same as for birth and death certificates in GN 00312.342A.1.

2. Fee


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