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GN 01702.205 Special Evidence Requirements for U.S. Totalization Benefits

A. Introduction

The amount of a Totalization benefit is determined, in part, by the number of quarters of coverage (QCs) the number holder has earned. Establishing unposted QCs will generally increase the primary insurance amount (PIA).

B. Policy

Unposted earnings must always be developed, including lag earnings (except for current or prior year self-employment income (SEI) where evidence is not yet available) and unposted military service.

NOTE: In nonTotalization claims, lag earnings are not normally developed since the system will automatically recompute the PIA and benefit amounts when the earnings are eventually posted. However, since the Totalization computation is not fully automated, the system does not automatically recompute a Totalization PIA.

C. Procedure

1. Lag earnings

Develop evidence of lag earnings in all claims for U.S. Totalization benefits with the exception of current or prior year SEI where acceptable evidence is not available (e.g., a tax return has not yet been filed). If acceptable evidence of current or prior year SEI is not available, document the file as to when it is anticipated it will be available. The Office of International Operations will diary the case to obtain evidence of the SEI at a later date.

2. U.S. military service

Develop proof of unposted military service prior to 1957 in all cases where use of such military service is not barred.

D. References

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