TN 2 (03-04)

GN 01702.210 Verification of Eligibility Factors by Foreign Agencies

A. Introduction

When an individual files a claim for U.S. benefits with the social security agency in an agreement country, that agency transmits information about the claim to the Social Security Administration (SSA) using liaison forms developed for this purpose. Many of these forms include check blocks or spaces which the foreign agency can use to inform SSA that a factor of entitlement for U.S. benefits (age, death, etc.) has already been established by the foreign agency in connection with a claim for foreign benefits.

B. Policy

1. General

SSA will accept verifications of eligibility factors provided by foreign agencies without requiring that the supporting evidence be submitted unless a material discrepancy exists. A discrepancy is material if it affects (or could affect in the future) entitlement to a benefit, the date of entitlement, or the amount of the benefit.

2. Reversal of dates

The foreign agencies usually show dates in day/month/year format and in most instances, this format is clearly indicated on the liaison form sent to SSA. Sometimes, however, the day and month are reversed causing a material discrepancy. In these cases, the verification may still be accepted if it is apparent that the day and month have been reversed, that is, when the date verified by the foreign agency can only be read one way (e.g. 13/2/48 can only be read as February 13, 1948), and all allegations and evidence agree with this one reading.

C. Procedure

Use Code “Q” when establishing a date of birth based on a verification by a foreign agency (see MSOM T2PE 007.024).

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