TN 41 (09-23)

RS 00203.040 Child's Benefits - Summary of Evidence and Forms Required

A. Policy for initial entitlement


When Required Reference

Age of child


References: Situations Where Age Must Be Immediately Developed, GN 00302.001, and Childhood Disability Benefits (CDB), RS 00203.080

Age of deceased wage earner

Only if it affects computation of primary insured amount (PIA) or insured status

Reference: When a Deceased Wage Earner’s Age Must Be Established, GN 00302.005

Death of NH

In death cases

Reference: Proof of Death Requirements, GN 00304.001

Dependency of child

Child is not deemed dependent

Reference: Parent-Child Relationship Categories for Title II Benefits - Overview, GN 00306.002C

Disability of child

Only when benefits are claimed for a child 18 or over who is under a disability that began before age 22

References: Childhood Disability Benefit (CDB) Cases, DI 11020.001 - DI 11020.140

Relationship of child to NH


Reference: Parent-Child Relationship Categories for Title II Benefits - Overview, GN 00306.002

Marital relationship of child's parents

  • Child claims benefits on stepparent's earnings record (Relationship Requirements Stepchild GN 00306.230) (or step) grandparent’s earnings record (Determining Relationship of Grandparent to Parent, GN 00306.240), or

  • Claimant is child of invalid ceremonial marriage (Title II Child's Benefits Based on an Invalid Ceremonial Marriage, GN 00306.090),

  • Conditions in Presumption of Title II Parent-Child Relationship Under State Intestacy Law - Child and Birth Mother's Spouse, GN 00306.013 are met

Full-time school attendance

Benefits claimed for full-time student

Reference: Who Is Eligible For Student Benefits, RS 00205.001

Selection of representative payee

SSA-4-BK (Application for Child’s Insurance Benefits)

  • Always, in life cases

  • In death cases unless child already entitled on same ER when NH died

NOTE: If child is already entitled on NH’s ER as an auxiliary child at the time of the NH’s death, SSA performs an automatic conversion from auxiliary child’s benefits to surviving child’s benefits when a death input is made for the NH.

SSA-3368-BK (Disability Report – Adult) or electronic disability collect system (EDCS ) report

Filing for or requesting continuation of benefits for child 18 or over who is under a disability that began before 22

References: DI 11005.030, DI 11005.055 through DI 11005.060, DI 11020.025

IMPORTANT: For a complete summary of disability forms required, see DI 11005.016.

SSA-21 (Supplement to Claim on Behalf of Child Outside of the United States)

  • Child lives outside U.S., or

  • Child intends to leave U.S.

SSA-1372-BK or SSA-1372 BK-FC (Student's Statement Regarding School Attendance)

References: RS 00205.400 and RS 00205.735

Benefits are claimed for a full-time student age 18-19

B. Policy for re-entitlement based on school attendance


When Required Reference

Full-time school attendance


Reference: RS 00205.300

Selection of representative payee

Student incapable of managing benefits

References: GN 00502.001 through GN 00502.070

SSA-4-BK (Application for Child’s Insurance Benefit)


Reference: RS 00205.400D.2

SSA-1372 BK or SSA-1372 BK-FC (Student's Statement Regarding School Attendance)


Reference: RS 00205.400, RS 00205.735

C. Policy for re-entitlement based on disability which began after age 18


When Required/Reference

Disability of child


References: DI 10115.045, DI 11020.001

Selection of representative payee

CDB not capable of handling their own benefits

References: GN 00502.000, GN 00502.075

SSA-4-BK (Application)


References: RS 00203.080B.2, DI 11020.015

NOTE: An exception applies if a child was entitled to benefits for the month before they attained age 18 or age 19 if a student beneficiary and are reapplying for benefits within four years of the termination and they allege disability prior to termination. See DI 11020.025.

SSA-3368-BK (Disability Report - Adult) or EDCS


Reference: DI 11020.025


NOTE: An exception applies for a concurrent title II disability insurance benefit or title XVI adult disability or blindness claim filed for a child.

IMPORTANT: For a complete summary of evidence and disability forms required for re-entitlement, see DI 10115.045 and DI 11020.025B.

Marital Status

When married after last entitlement, document if marriage is void or annulled.

Reference: RS 00203.015


When NH and child’s parent remarry, a new one-year duration of relationship.

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