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DI 10105.025 Basic Requirement for Freeze

A. Policy - basic disability freeze requirements-7/65 to present

An individual qualifies for a freeze if all of the following requirements are met:

  • The disabling condition meets the requirements in DI 10105.065;

  • Freeze insured status requirement is met as discussed in RS 00301.130;

  • A timely application is filed (GN 00204.010 and GN 00204.030); and

  • The period of disability lasts at least 5 full calendar months (6 full calendar months when the freeze begins before July 2, 1972), or the NH is entitled to a DIB without a waiting period per DI 10105.075.

B. Policy - applications filed before 7/65

For applications filed before 7/65 or where death occurred prior to 9/65, in addition to the above requirements, an individual must:

  • Have been under the disability at the time the application was filed; and

  • Not have been entitled in a prior month to a monthly retirement benefit reduced because he/she had not attained full retirement age (FRA).

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