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DI 11050.040 Initial Claims Processing Involving Railroad (RR) Employment

IMPORTANT: If Informational/Certified Earnings Records (ICERS) indicates that the Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) has jurisdiction over a survivor claim, transfer the claim to RRB and notify the claimant of the transfer. Great Lakes Program Service Center-Disability Processing Branch (GLPSC-DPB) does not have jurisdiction over these survivor claims. See Field Office Processing of Survivor Claims, RS 01602.200.

During the initial interview with a prospective railroad (RR) disability claimant:

  • Consider the policy on taking freeze and disability insurance benefit (DIB) applications when the number holder (NH) had some RR employment after 01/01/37 as explained in General Application Taking Practices, GN 00201.005D.6.

  • Conduct a regular disability interview and complete Modernized Claims System (MCS) for title II, Modernized Supplemental Security Income Claims System (MSSICS) for title XVI, and the Electronic Disability Collect Systems (EDCS) 3368 and 3367 (and Work Activity Report (Self-Employed Person) SSA-820 or Work Activity Report- Employee SSA-821 if needed) as provided in Disability Interviews, DI 11005.000 and FO Procedures - Electronic Process, DI 81010.000

  • Complete the NH Railroad Employment (NHRR) or CL Railroad Employment (CLRR) screens with the claimant’s RR information after identifying RR involvement. This replaces the need to obtain SSA-671 (Railroad Employment Questionnaire) in most cases.

  • Obtain a completed SSA-671 (Railroad Employment Questionnaire) and initiate wage development if MCS Earnings Computation-Railroad Earnings Data (MCS EC-DRRE) does not show the claimant’s RR information, and the claimant indicates past RR employment. See exhibit in Form SSA-671 (Railroad Employment Questionnaire) RS 01602.608.

  • Run pre-adjudicative EC to obtain RR information and edits.

When the RRB returns the case, process according to DI 11010.355.

CAUTION: In some instances, field office personnel may have taken an MCS claim before realizing RR earnings are involved, or may be aware of RR earnings in advance and may have received an ICERS to determine if the Social Security claim is beneficial. It is important to note that filing a Social Security claim could reduce the total amount payable, and the claimant may not wish to file a Social Security claim when we inform him or her about this information. Because of this possibility, the FO should always obtain a certified COMP via ICERS prior to taking the claim.

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