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DI 22520.005 Trailer Material Affects the Determination

A. Procedure for Handling Material that Affects Determination

When trailer material affects the determination:

  • Obtain a DDSQ, PCACS, PPL ROQS (PPL ROQS), or SSI query (SSI2), through the Disability Determination Services (DDS) case control/case management unit to determine where the folder is located and recall the folder. (If the folder is located in Disability Quality Branch (DQB), Office of Quality Performance (OQP) Baltimore, Program Service Center (PSC), Office of Disability and International Operations (ODIO), or Office of Hearings Operations (OHO), follow the instructions in section DI 22520.005B.).

  • File the trailer material in the appropriate section of the folder upon receipt. If the official folder is a Certified Electronic Folder (CEF), ensure that the material is added to the electronic folder (see Trailer Material DI 81020.140);

  • Review the folder with the new trailer material taken into account to identify and resolve any necessary issues.

  • Refer to, Reopenings and Revisions: Pertinent Definitions and Related Policy DI 27501.001 to consider whether the claim should be reopened. If the folder is a CEF, see Processing Reopenings on Certified Electronic Folders (CEF) DI 81020.140.

B. Material Affects Determination – Claim in DQB, OQP Baltimore, PSC, ODIO, or OHO

  • Identify the material by noting the claimant’s name and Social Security Number (SSN), (or the Number Holder’s (NH) SSN if it is a Child Disability Beneficiary/Disabled Widow(er) (CDB/DWB) claim), on an SSA-408-Route Slip.

  • Annotate the SSA-408, “For Disability Examiner review, material may affect (or affects) determination”.

  • Forward to the component that has the folder.

NOTE: If the official folder is a CEF, scan the trailer material into the appropriate section of the electronic folder and add a message to eView to notify the component that has the claim that additional evidence was received and may affect the determination.

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