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DI 81005.070 Editing a Case from eView

A. Default eView mode

eView cases automatically open in “unlocked” mode. You may view the EF but cannot make any changes or edits. To edit an EF in eView, the case must first be “locked.”

B. Lock an eView case to edit

To lock an eView case for editing, select the yellow “Edit (Lock Case)” link at the top of the screen. Locking a case in eView allows an authorized user whose Personal Identification Number (PIN) has appropriate Security Access Codes to:

  • Move documents to different sections of the EF within the Case Documents Tab. For more information on moving electronic documents, see DI 81005.050;

  • Add annotations, bookmarks, and comments (ABC) to a document;

  • Add or remove electronic flags;

  • Add documents to an Exhibit List (Office of Hearings Operations only);

  • Update page numbers;

  • Add or remove sensitive document indicators;

  • Add or remove Paper Folder Indicators (PFI) (for more information on PFIs, see DI 81020.010);

  • Edit document information by clicking on the details link; and

  • Add a message.

Locking an eView case also prevents:

  • Multiple users from making changes simultaneously; and

  • Trying to update a case in more than one browser.

NOTE:When a user has finished updating/editing the case, the user should take the time to unlock the case so that other users may access the case in edit mode.


C. Unlock an eView case after editing

To remove the case lock after a user is finished editing the case, click on the yellow “Unlock” link at the top of the page.

Cases may lock if a system error occurs or a user exited incorrectly. Locked cases can only be unlocked by the person who locked it or by a member of management.

A case lock in eView expires after 30 minutes of inactivity. The system sends an alert to the user regarding loss of the case lock. Click the “OK” button on the alert to extend the session in edit mode. There is no limit to the number of extensions a user may request. If the user does not extend the session, the case automatically unlocks and returns eView to view only mode.

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