TN 195 (08-23)

SI 00830.005 General Rules for Developing Unearned Income

A. Procedure

Some types of income require particular development as explained in later sections in this subchapter. Apply the instructions in this subsection where no specific instructions exist.

1. Clearly ineligible

Do not develop unearned income where the individual clearly acknowledges receipt of income which would make him/her ineligible or if he/she is clearly ineligible for another reason.

2. Claims file

Document the claims file so that it fully supports every adjudicative decision (GN 01010.053) unless instructions provide otherwise.

3. Using Precedents

When you use a local precedent, document that a precedent exists. You do not need to copy or repeat the precedent.


You do not need to document a regional or national precedent.  

4. Allegations

Document any material allegation.

You do not need to document an attempt to obtain information from other sources. 

5. Verification

  • In general, verify the amount,  frequency of receipt and source  and/or type of unearned income.

  • Unless required elsewhere, verify only the source and/or type of a totally excluded payment.

  • Request evidence first from the recipient and then, if necessary, from other sources.

  • If desired, use the income summary sheets in SI 00820.131D. and SI 00820.132D. to summarize and certify proof of income.

6. Evidence not readily available

When evidence is not readily available, and if the individual has cooperated:

  1. a. 

    obtain a statement either signed or recorded on the Report of Contact page from the individual as to the amount, source and frequency of receipt of the payment;

  2. b. 

    process the case on the basis of the individual's statement if all other eligibility factors are met and there is no reason to doubt the allegation;

  3. c. 

    clearly document the file as to why the information is not readily available; and

  4. d. 

    obtain the evidence postadjudicatively. 

7. Evidence in doubt or contradictory

  1. a. 

    Request supporting evidence from the individual or the source of the income.

  2. b. 

    If all available evidence leaves a question, weigh the evidence and make a decision. The file must reflect the basis for this decision.

8. Classification unknown

  1. a. 

    If you are unable to determine whether an item or amount should be classified as income or whether income is earned or unearned, contact the regional office.  

  2. b. 

    If the issue cannot be resolved quickly, treat the item or amount as unearned income pending resolution of the issue and adjudicate the case if a payment is possible.


    Do not input a denial on a case on the basis of an item which is still in question.

9. Mailing time

When a payment is mailed, assume that the payment is received 5 days after the payment or mailing date unless the individual alleges a different date, in which case accept any credible allegation.

10. Authorization

Where outside sources require written authorization prior to releasing information, have the individual sign an authorization form, SSA-8510.

B. References

Unstated income, SI 00810.035

Developmental rules for posteligibility situations, SI 00830.007

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