TN 96 (05-23)

NL 00703.201 Repayment of Misused Funds — Cover Letter to New Payee

(GN 00604.045)

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A. Exhibit Letter

Please read the enclosed copy of our letter to (1) former representative payee. This is the person who used to manage the benefits for (2) .

We have asked the former payee to return money that they did not use properly. When we get the money, we will send it to you.

If the former payee does not pay back all the money, you may be able to collect it from us. We will replace the benefits if we were at fault by selecting an unsuitable payee or not monitoring the payee correctly. We will review this case to see if we were at fault. After our review, we will let you know what we decide.

Let us know if you want more information about collecting this money. If you have any information you want us to look at, please contact us within 10 days.

B. Requesting Instructions

When a former payee has misused benefits, we send them the letter in NL 00703.212. Send a copy of that letter to the new payee or beneficiary/recipient using this letter as a cover letter.

For additional guidelines on sending the NL 00703.201, see GN 00604.045B.4.b.


  1. (1) 

    your/beneficiary's full name, possessive

  2. (2) 

    you/beneficiary title and surname

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