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RM 01103.019 IRS/SSA Processing of SS-4s

A. Introduction

This section describes in general the basic steps in processing an employer's SS-4 application for EIN.

B. Process

  • The completed SS-4 is forwarded to the appropriate Internal Revenue Service Center. There it is examined for completeness, pertinent data is extracted for entry into an electronic Business Master File (BMF), and an EIN is assigned.

  • The employer is notified of the assigned EIN and provided informational material about reporting requirements.

  • Updates from the Business Master File of new EIN'S are provided to SSA on magnetic media monthly.

  • Copies of SS-4 applications are sent to SSA's Division of Earnings and Business Services (DEBS) for statistical coding, microfilming, and storage for possible future reference. (DEBS) handles all requests for copies of SS-4.

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