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RM 01103.030 List of Tax Publications


17 Your Federal Income Tax (For Individual)
225 Farmer's Tax Guide
334 Tax Guide for Small Business
509 Tax Calendars for 1989
553 Highlights of 1988 Tax Changes
595 Tax Guide for Commercial Fishermen
910 Act of 1986 for Business


15 Employer's Tax Guide (Circular E)
51 Agricultural Employer's Tax Guide (Circular A)
80 Federal Tax Guide for Employers in the Virgin Islands, Guam, America Samoa, and the Northern Mariana Islands (Circular SS)


349 Federal Highway Use Tax on Heavy Vehicles 378
378 Fuel Tax Credits
393 Federal Employment Tax Forms
463 Travel, Entertainment, and Gift Expenses
505 Tax Withholding and Estimated Tax
510 Excise Taxes for 1989
517 Social Security for Members of the Clergy and Religious Workers
527 Rental Property
533 Self-Employment Tax
534 Depreciation
536 Net Operating Losses
537 Installment Sales
538 Accounting Periods and Methods
539 Employment Taxes
541 Tax Information on Partnerships
542 Tax Information on Corporations
544 Sales and Other Dispositions of Assets
548 Deduction for Bad Debts
549 Condemnations and Business Causalties and Thefts
551 Basis of Assets
555 Community Property and the Federal Income Tax
556 Examination of Returns, Appeal Rights, and Claims for Refund
560 Self-Employed Retirement Plans
561 Determining the Value of Donated Property
572 General Business Credit
583 Information for Business Taxpayers (Identification Numbers, Business Taxes, Information Returns, Record-keeping)
586A The Collection Process (Income Tax Accounts)
587 Business Use of Your Home
588 Tax Information for Homeowners Association
589 Tax Information on S Corporations
598 Tax on Unrelated Business Income of Exempt Organizations
794 Favorable Determination Letter
908 Bankruptcy
909 Alternative Minimum Tax for Individuals
911 Tax Information for Direct Sellers
916 Information Returns
917 Business Use of a Car
925 Passive Activity and At-Risk Rules
926 Employment Taxes for Household Employees
937 Employment Taxes
952 Sick Pay Reporting
957 Reporting Back Pay to the Social Security Administration
1004 Identification Numbers Under ERISA
1048 Filing Requirements for Employee Benefit Plans
1141 General Rules and Specifications for Printing of Substitute Form W-2, W-2P and W-3


179 Guia Contributiva Federal Para Patronos Puertorriquenos (Circular PR)
556S Revision de las Declaraciones de Impuesto, Derecho de Apelacion y Reclamaciones de Reembolsos
579S Como Preparar la Declaracion de Impuesto Federal
586S Proceso de Cobro (Deudas del Impuesto Sobre Ingreso)
850 English-Spanish Glossary of Words and Phrases Used in Publications Issued by the Internal Revenue Service


31-011 Software standards and edit criteria for Annual Wage Reporting
TIB-4 Technical Instruction Bulletin (TIB) No. 4, Magnetic Media Reporting contains specifications and edits for preparing wage reports on magnetic tape, cartridges or diskettes
16-004 Employer Guide to Filing Timely and Accurate W-2 Wage Reports
16-009 Wage Reporting for Employers

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