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RM 01301.025 Online Query Of the Statement History File By FO and TSC Personnel

The information in this section is not applicable while mailing of the Social Security Statement is suspended. See information on accessing earnings information using the MySocialSecurity web portal in OA 00205.010.

A. Policy

The Statement History File is an electronic file about each SSN holder that indicates:

  • If and when we sent an on-request or automatically issued Statement to the individual;

  • The individual's preferred language for the Statement, If the individual has asked to be excluded from future annual mailings, and

  • If OCO manual handling of a processing condition is currently in progress.

B. Procedure

FO and TSC personnel can query this file online for status. They can also update the information regarding preferred language and exclusion from the mailings in response to SSN holders' requests.

MSOM QUERIES 007.003, MSOM QUERIES 007.004, MSOM and 211-D provide instructions for use of the history file query process.

  • MSOM QUERIES 007.003 discusses the screen used to input a query request.

  • MSOM QUERIES 007.004 explains the query response.

  • MSOM QUERIES 007.005 provides instructions for completing the screen that is used to update information on the History File when the SSN holder asks to receive the Statement in a different language or wants to be excluded from future automatic Statement issuances.

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