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RM 01301.040 Form SSA-7014 Social Security Administration Earnings Record Information

A. Introduction

Forms SSA-7014, Social Security Administration Earnings Record Information, are letter forms produced by the Personal Earnings and Benefit Estimate System (PEBES) in certain situations in response to requests for a Social Security Statement. The five versions of this form are part of SSA’s Target Notice Architecture database. Forms SSA-7014 are printed and mailed at SSA’s National Computer Center following the daily processing runs of the PEBES.

B. List of individuals who receive the form

The system generates Forms SSA-7014 for individuals who have:

  • provided an incorrect SSN or incorrect identifying information on the incoming request (SSA-7014A), or

  • no earnings posted to the record (SSA-7014B)(this includes both covered and non-covered earnings), or

  • a death indicator on their Numident, MBR or MEF record (SSA-7014D), or

  • a pending claim under their own SSN (SSA-7014E), or

  • a processing condition on their record that prevents preparation of a Statement without updated information from the SSN holder (SSA-7014G).

C. Description of data

A general description of the information that appears on the SSA-7014 is discussed below:

1. Originating Facility

The WBDOC address will appear at the top right of the form.

2. Date

The date appears at the top right of the SSA-7014, beneath the WBDOC address. This is the date the system generated Form SSA-7014.

3. Address

We will mail the SSA-7014 to the SSN holder or a designated third-party, using the address the SSN holder provided on the incoming request.

4. The Facts You Gave Us

The information beneath the address, under the “The Facts You Gave Us”, is the essential identifying information that the requester provided on the incoming request.

5. Body of the Form

The body of the Form SSA-7014 contains text:

  • explaining why a Social Security Statement has not been provided,

  • telling the requester what to do if he or she disagrees with the information shown on the form, and

  • telling the requester where to call or write for more information.

D. Process

When the PEBES system determines that a Form SSA-7014 is required, it identifies which of the five types of response is appropriate and then generates a print code to produce the text for that version of the form. Subsections RM 01301.042 through RM 01301.046 provide descriptions and exhibits of the five versions (A, B, D, E, and G).

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