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RM 01301.044 SSA-7014D Format (Death Indicator On Numident Or MBR)

The information in this section is not applicable while mailing of the Social Security Statement is suspended. See information on accessing earnings information using the MySocialSecurity web portal in OA 00205.010.

A. Introduction

Form SSA-7014D is generated whenever the Statement 2001 system identifies a death indicator on the Numident, MBR or MEF record for the requested SSN.

NOTE: This version was introduced in 10/99. Previously, the designated letter was used when the system determined that an earnings discrepancy action was in progress on the requester’s record. That letter advised the requester that we would send the Statement after we made the correction. Under the Statement 2001 system, we no longer withhold the Statement because of pending earnings discrepancies. Requesters receive a Statement even though the earnings error has not yet been corrected.

B. Exhibit — Text of Form SSA-7014D, Social Security Administration Earnings Record Information (Death Indicator on Numident or MBR)

C. Description of Data

Because the death indicator on record may be an indication that the person requesting the Social Security Statement is not the true SSN holder, we cannot tell the requester about it in our correspondence. The Form SSA-7014D instead informs the requester that we need more information to be sure that we have identified the correct record.

We advise the requester to call SSA’s toll-free 800 number to provide the additional information. We provide a mailing address for persons living outside the United States who do not have access to the 800 number.

  • If the SSN holder is dead and the request was made by a survivor seeking a benefit estimate, MBR information should be used to provide that estimate if a PIA was established at the time of the SSN holder"s death. If no PIA was previously established, see MSOM ICF 001.001-1 and MSOM ICFT2 023.001-1 for instructions on using interactive computations to estimate the survivor benefits.

  • If the requester was seeking earnings information, see SM 00345.900 and SM 00344.001 for instructions on use of the summary earnings query (SEQY) and detail earnings query (DEQY).

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