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RM 01301.046 SSA-7014G Format (Title 2 Processing Limitation)

The information in this section is not applicable while mailing of the Social Security Statement is suspended. See information on accessing earnings information using the MySocialSecurity web portal in OA 00205.010.

A. Introduction

This is a new version of the Form SSA-7014 introduced in July 2000.

During processing, the Statement 2001 system sometimes runs into situations with data on the requester's record that make it impossible to produce a Statement. These are typically MBR situations that involve Title II processing limitations that cannot be handled without FO contact.

B. Exhibit — Text of Form SSA-7014G, Social Security Administration Earnings Record Information (Output Response)

C. Description of Data

The “SSA-7014G” display states that we cannot prepare a Statement for the requester until we review the record with him or her. We explain that we have to correct certain data on the record before we can calculate the benefit estimates. We ask requesters to contact their local Social Security office, and we provide the address and telephone number of the servicing FO.

Most of the reasons why an SSA-7014G letter is produced involve a condition on the MBR. Some examples of such conditions include;

  • the requester may be in S-7 suspense status because of incarceration;

  • the requester may be currently entitled to Medicare only;

  • the requester's record may be cross-referred to a record in current pay status;

  • the MBR was not completely and correctly updated to reflect termination of benefits after a trial DIB work period.

D. Procedure

The SSA-7014G letter advises the requester to contact the local FO to resolve the processing limitation. The FO address and telephone number are shown on the letter. If the requester calls the 800 number instead, TSRs/Spikes should refer SSA-7014G inquiries to the FO via MDW.

FO personnel should request a PEBES Online Query (PBQY), which will encounter the same processing limitation as MCS (unless the record has been updated since the Statement request was processed). The query response will show the message PBRS NOT AVAILABLE-MCS PROC LIM-CHECK MBR.

The FO should review the MBR to determine the reason for the processing limitation and explain the situation to the requester.

If there is bad data on the MBR, FO personnel should follow normal procedures to correct it. This will allow us to process any future on-request or automatic Statements for the requester properly through the system. (In some instances, there may be nothing wrong with the MBR; the Statement requester may simply have used the wrong vehicle for the action he or she wanted to take. For example, the requester may have thought a Statement was necessary to re-apply for disability benefits).

After considering the requester's record and needs, it may be possible to use the Interactive Computation Facility to produce benefit estimates. In many instances, FOs will also be able to create the Statement earnings information for the requester using the PEBES Online query process (see MSOM QUERIES 003.011):

  1. 1. 

    Individual is in claims status – In the Statement 2001 system, individuals in claims status who request a Statement receive their complete earnings history. They do not get benefit estimates because their actual benefit amount have already been established. We are not certain why the Title II processing limitations prevent the Statement 2001 from issuing this kind of Statement in the SSA-7014G cases, but the PEBES Online query process will produce it for the requester.

  2. 2. 

    PEBES Online cannot produce a Statement – If a Statement cannot be produced through this method, the FO will receive an alert message saying:


    This alert will result if:

    • Item Correction is Pending.

    • Negative earnings for covered and/or MQGE earnings are posted to the MEF.

    • Duplicate postings exist for covered and/or MQGE earnings.

Obtain a Detailed Earnings Query (DEQY) in these situations and correct the error condition using Item Correction.

If none of the above conditions is apparent, OCO intervention will be necessary. Because PEBES Online does not provide the OCO intervention, use the Interactive Computation Facility to obtain the benefit estimate and respond to the requester. Then use a earnings modernization query to refer the case to OCO for subsequent resolution so that future Statements can be processed properly through the system.

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