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RM 01310.020 How We Derive the Earnings Data Contained in the Section Help Us Keep Your Earnings Record Accurate

Description of Data

This section provides:

  • the names of the column titles appearing in the earnings chart, and

  • an explanation of the system and contractor-generated data displayed in each column.

    Column Title

    Explanation of Data

    Your Taxed Social
    Security Earnings

    Except for lag earnings that have not yet been processed, this column reflects the Social Security-covered earnings indicated on the MEF up to the maximun taxable for the year indicated in the “Years” column includes:

    • wages

    • self-employment income,

    • agricultural earnings,

    • posted earnings from military service (after 1956),

    • earnings from multiple employers for the same year, and

    • the combined earnings from all verified multiple SSN records.

    NOTE: Gratuitous military earnings for the 1940-1956 period and deemed wages for service from 1957 through 2001 are not displayed. However, deemed wages based on earnings reported by the military services from 1968 through 2001 are used in the calculation of credits and benefit estimates. In addition, if the DRAMS record shows that military service

    From 1940 to 1968 has been proven (usually because of prior claims actions), appropriate gratuitous and/or deemed wages for that service will also be used in the calculations.

    • railroad earnings (if less than 10 years total service and less than 5 years service after 1995)

    NOTE: Railroad earnings prior to 1973 are not displayed, but they are used in calculating credits and benefit estimates. If the SSN holder has more than 10 years total railroad service or more than 5 years service after 1995, those earnings are not displayed nor are they used in the calculations.

    We display the earnings beginning with the first year for which the SSN holder has covered wages, self-employment income, or MQGE on record.

    When no earnings are posted for last year and last year is still in lag, this column will state “NOT YET RECORDED” for the year.

    NOTE: Only dollar amounts are indicated. No “cents” are reflected.

    Your Taxed Medicare

    This column displays the SSN holder's covered earnings for Medicare. The amount shown will include any combination of FICA, SECA and MQGE earnings up to the maximum taxable for the years 1966-1993. Since 1994, all covered earnings are taxable for Medicare. There is no upper limit.

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