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RM 01361.100 Special Variations of the NH Name

The information in this section is not applicable while mailing of the Social Security Statement is suspended. See information on accessing earnings information using the MySocialSecurity web portal in OA 00205.010.

A. Introduction

RM 01361.004B.1. provides instructions for keying the number holder's name in the NH field. Special circumstances may affect the way you enter data in the "NH" field. This section provides instructions for keying the NH name when special variations of the name are provided.

B. Procedure

Use the following table to key special variations of the NH name:

Data Provided Is

Then Key

One Name Only

Example: “Chrystal”

  • Depress “Enter”

  • Depress “Enter”

  • Chrystal, Depress “Enter”

First Name + Middle Initial + Last Name

Example: “Anne D. Apolis”

  • Ann, Depress “Enter”

  • D

  • Apolis, Depress “Enter”

A, Depress “Enter” Name + Last Name

Example: “A Diane Apolis”

  • First Initial + Middle

  • D

  • Apolis, Depress “Enter”

First Name + Middle Name + Last Name

Example: “Ronald Oscar Ross”

  • Ronald, Depress “Enter”

  • O

  • Ross, Depress “Enter”

Two Initials + Last Name

Example: “J. R. Ewing”

  • J, Depress “Enter”

  • R

  • Ewing, Depress “Enter”

Multiple Surnames (and it is obvious that the last name is not a compund name)

Example: “Elizabeth Burton Taylor Warner

  • Elizabeth, Depress “Enter”

  • B

  • Warner, Depress “Enter”

Multiple Prefix Surnames such as “Van Den Berg” or “De La Rosa”

Example: “Julius P De La Rosa”

  • Julius, Depress “Enter”

  • P

  • De(sp)La(sp)Rosa

  • Depress “Enter”

Apostrophe Surnames such as “O'Henry”

Example: “Patrick Sean O'Henry”

  • Patrick, Depress “Enter”

  • S

  • OHenry, Depress “Enter”

Surnames prefixed with “MC” or “MAC”

Example: “Patrick Sean McHenry”

  • Patrick, Depress “Enter”

  • S

  • McHenry, Depress “Enter”

Titles such as Jr., Sr., I, II, III, or IV

Example: “Benjamin E Franklin Jr”

  • Benjamin, Depress “Enter”

  • E

  • Franklin, Depress “Enter”

  • Depress the “Shift + Tab” keys to record back and key “Jr” in position 39 and 40

  • Depress, “Enter”

Members of religious orders

Example: “Sister Mary R Christmas:

  • Sister (SP) Mary, Depress “Enter”

  • R

  • Christmas, Depress “Enter”

NOTE: If Jr. or Sr. is shown as a middle name, key J or S.

Caution: Do not use periods (.), hyphens (-) or apostrophes (‘) in any field.

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