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RM 01361.120 Mailing Address (AD) Field – Special Instructions

The information in this section is not applicable while mailing of the Social Security Statement is suspended. See information on accessing earnings information using the MySocialSecurity web portal in OA 00205.010.

A. Introduction

RM 01361.005C.2. provides general instructions for keying the mailing address (AD) field. Special circumstances may affect the way the AD field is keyed.

B. Procedure

Key the special situations as follows:

1. Small Cities

Enter the city on the first line and the state on the second line.

NOTE: Some small cities do not require a street name and/or number.

2. In-Care-of or Attention to Addresses

Key “C/O” or ATTN, a space, and name of the person in whose care or attention the response is to be sent.

Example: “C/O John D Smith”, “ATTN John B Jones”

3. Foreign

Enter the consular code for the country immediately following the name of the country. Do not enter the consular code in the ZIP Code (ZP) field.

Example: “Quebec Canada 620AZ”

Key Quebec 620 AZ


4. Address is “APO” or “FPO”

If the address is “APO” or “FPO”, do not treat as foreign.

NOTE: When keying APO/FPO (AA, AE or AP) addresses for overseas military mail, the state code is not necessary. The nine digit ZIP Code will signify the location of the addressee. Key exactly as shown.

Example 1:

SSGT Stanley A Lehman

Unit 908 Box 111

APO AP 96522-1215

Example 2:

SGT Kevin Beasley

PSC 1650 Box 10

APO AE 09777-0010

Example 3:

Seaman Gary B Hart

B Division

USS Sea Devil (SSN-664)

FPO AA 34093-2344

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