TN 1 (04-20)

RM 03250.001 General Information

Correspondence will be received from the general public requesting deferred vested rights pension information under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA). (ERISA is also known as the Pension Reform Act). These requests will be subsequently referred to, in this procedure, as “ERISA Requests”. The individual who is subject of the ERISA request will be subsequently referred to as “Plan Participant” in this procedure.

ERISA requests for pension information will be received in the form of letters, notes etc. There is no specific form or format for use by the public in requesting this information. Post Office Box Number 17055 has been assigned for ERISA requests, however, it is not generally known by the public. Therefore, these requests may not be addressed to any specific component within the Social Security Administration.

In addition to the ERISA requests, general correspondence regarding ERISA or information previously furnished by us under ERISA will be received. This general correspondence will be subsequently referred to as “ERISA Correspondence”.


Individual questions information funished on Form SSA-L99-C1, Potential Private Retirement Benefit Information Notice; correspondence from Plan Administrators or Employers etc.

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